How many lost gloves and mittens did you have at the end of winter this year? I had so many. I even had some random mittens that didn’t belong to us at all and I have no idea where they came from. But this year, I didn’t have to wonder what to do with them, because “Gloveables” from Parragon Books made it simple for this not-so-crafty mom.

This awesome kit comes with a starter glove, two buttons, stuffing, and a how-to book to help you make the cutest little snuggle buddies. From a bunny to a dinosaur to a hedgehog, the possibilities are seriously endless.

And once you and your child have created your first little friend, you can round up the lonely mittens, gloves, and buttons in your house to make as many as you want.

Gone are the days of making a simple puppet. This kit may even inspire you to have some fun with those random socks you can’t match.

Bonus: It’s not only fun – it will bring out your child’s creativity and help them learn to sew. (Or maybe even help moms like me finally learn to sew.)

Parragon Books sent us a “Gloveables” kit to review.