Teaching kids about presidents is a unique way to bring history to life. Though presidential facts may not be a child's first idea of fun, creative resources make it easy to turn boring history lessons into fun activities with lasting impressions.

Presidential Libraries

In 1939, President Roosevelt donated his personal and Presidential papers to the Federal Government, thus starting the Presidential library system. Since then, 12 other libraries have been built. Each of these libraries house historical pieces that include personal letters, pictures, an Air Force One plane, and many more historically significant items.

For children of all ages and learning styles, Presidential libraries provide an interactive learning opportunity. PublicLibraries.com provides a list of Presidential libraries with addresses to find one near you.

Presidential Artwork

When it comes to presidential artwork, the options are endless. A favorite activity in our house is called Future President. The project's end result is a presidential profile of your child. The directions for this art work can be found at ICanTeachMyChild.com.

EnchantedLearning.com provides a list of many other presidential art projects for all ages.


Smart About the Presidents is a colorful, informative and simple book introducing each of the Presidents to children. Cartoon pictures and fun facts about the President (prior to and during Presidency) make for a kid friendly and educational tool. Smart About the Presidents, by Susan Shade, can be found at Amazon.com for $5.99.

So You Want to Be President is another humor-filled book, with informative and inspiriting tidbits of information about each President. Have fun watching your child be inspired by these fun and fact-filled accounts.

So You Want to be President, by Judith St. George, can be found at Amazon.com for $12.23


Get silly and loud while learning. PreschoolEducation.com has compiled a list of catchy, informative songs about Presidents to educate children of various ages.

Write to the Current President

Have your children write a letter to the current president. While preparing for this activity, discuss the President's job responsibilities and your child's desires for his or her community. The address for the President is:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Presidential Quote Performance

Help your child research and choose a President to dress up as. Once costumes (thrown together with household items) are on, have the President choose a quote from Presidential Quotes: Words From Each American President or your favorite presidential resource to recite.

Grab the camera and enjoy watching history come to life!

In my experience, if learning is fun, it is much more effective. Education about Presidents not only provides a learning opportunity, but also a foundation for discussing valuable life lessons and character traits to emulate. Most importantly, learning about the 43 Unites States Presidents will leave your children with a lasting impression on the endless possibilities for their future.