Fresh flowers are one of my favorite signs of spring. But because the real variety can get expensive โ€” and tend to die when I forget to water them โ€” I often decorate my house with fake flowers instead.

Lucky for me, I have a preschooler who loves any activity involving scissors or glue, so I've put him to work creating these pretty flower crafts that will brighten up our home this spring.

A Flower Bouquet Canvas

This is the perfect craft to make if you have fresh flowers that you've picked or purchased, and you don't expect them to last much longer. To make a Flower Bouquet Canvas, you will need a cardboard box, contact paper, and leftover flower stems, leaves, and petals.

Adults will probably need to cut a square out of the center of the cardboard to create a "frame," and then attach contact paper to one side. Next, turn the "picture" upside down so the sticky side of the paper is facing up.

Now your preschooler can take over. Have him mix and match the flower pieces to create a picture filled with new flowers in various shapes, designs and colors. This colorful and creative artwork looks fantastic hanging on your walls.

An Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage

Need flowers to decorate your mantle? This cheery Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage is the perfect solution. You might need to cut out the accordion part and gather supplies, but your preschooler will love creating flowers in all different shapes and with all different mediums, and can probably cut them out and attach them to the finished product himself.

Spring "Cupcake Cup" Flowers

Cupcake wrappers aren't only for baking cupcakes. When you attach them to popsicle sticks and decorate them with buttons and glitter, you end up with some beautiful and colorful flower creations. Add green leaves made out of construction paper and these Spring "Cupcake Cup" Flowers will brighten anyone's day.

An Easy Spring Mural

Why do a single craft project when you can create an entire wall mural? Don't panic โ€” this Easy Spring Mural is as "easy" as the name implies, and it's a perfect activity for preschoolers. With flower-shaped Post-It notes and plenty of imagination, you can create a cheerful spring scene on any wall in your home.

Do you decorate with flowers in the spring?