With the fall season in full swing, life is hectic for any parent. There's grocery shopping, carpooling, homework, and after school schedules to manage. The latest mobile apps can help parents stay organized and save money. And many of them are free.

GetJar is a one-stop shop for mobile apps and the world's most comprehensive app store. They put together a list to help parents make the most of their mobile phones.

CEO Patrick Mork says that parents can save money by doing price comparisons directly from their phones. "They could use an app like Barcode Scanner to check out products before they buy them and see where they can get them more cheaply."

New apps do everything from tracking homework to solving scientific equations. "Those old calculators can set you back as much as $100 or more, but the Scientific Calculator App eliminates that big cost."

The future holds even more money-saving technology for parents. According to Mork, location-based apps will highlight offers to parents in the store as they shop. "Imagine walking into the cereal aisle and getting a message saying Kellogg's is on sale for $1.99."

He also mentioned further developments in real-time price comparison and apps that alert families to nearby events and offer special discounts for purchasing tickets within a certain time frame.

Top Mobile Apps for Parents

Here are GetJar's top picks for saving time, hassle, and money, as well as successfully multitasking

Grocery Zen (FOR FOOD SHOPPING) — simplifies a grocery shopping trip by allowing consumers to never forget an item or backtrack through the store again

GroupNotes "Family" (FOR COMMUNICATING) — GroupNotes is the easiest way to email and communicate with your family during when kids are busy with afterschool activities, carpools, etc.

Keepup (FOR ORGANIZING) — allows parents to quickly scan their most pressing and pending list of 'to-dos' by offering a free reminder service.

Discover — a mobile file manager app that enables you to manage your files in iPhone, storage files, view files and share files with other computer or iPhone within the same Wi-Fi network

Splash Wallet (FOR SCHOOL SHOPPING) — SplashData's award-winning suite of productivity applications that bundles your identification, cash, checks, credit cards, shopping lists, even photos of friends and family together.

Thwapr (FOR PICTURE TAKING) — is a free, mobile to mobile service that captures, shares, and plays videos with friends and family. With Thwapr you'll be able to share your child's first day of school and send them off to any family member or friend in the world.

Expense Log (FOR EXPENSE TRACKING) — a smart and handy tool to log, track and manage your daily expenses.

Woman's Day Cooking Assistant (FOR COOKING) — a personal cooking assistant from the editors of Woman's Day that fits right in the palm of your hand! Features include meal ideas, cooking tools, and more to make cooking easier.

GoodFoodNearYou (FOR COOKING) — need a quick and easy dinner suggestion, but don't feel like cooking? GoodFoodNearYou Helps you find the best food options at the most common restaurants near you. Get free and instant access to the menus and nutrition information for popular casual dining restaurants and fast food restaurants near your location.

Homework/HomeDo (FOR STUDYING) — Homework tracks different types of schoolwork simply and efficiently while HomeDo is an application that solves all your homework problems by letting you write them down easily without any hassle.

Scientific Calculator — enables you to calculate the value of complex expressions directly using your mobile phone.

Textbooks have always been an expensive burden for most in school. Lighten your backpack and cut back expenses with these GetJar Apps:

World Pro Edition En — The most complete and interactive World Atlas: 220 countries, 35 key facts per country, and high detailed physical and political maps

Dictionary and Translation Pro — The 3-in-1 English dictionary, thesaurus and translation application for your mobile