Whether you encourage your children to embrace technology, or try to limit their exposure to it, their world is full of it. Managing social media, apps, games, texts, and emails can get overwhelming, but technology can be used in fabulous ways to get things done, stay organized, help educate children, or just relax.

Rather than seeing it as an enemy, be the primary guide and support for your child's technology tutorials. Here are a few things to help them, and you, in the process.

For Your Child's Listening Pleasure

With a set of Crayola myPhones by Griffin Technologies, children can hook up to a computer or mobile device, and listen to stories, songs, and educational content with the comfort of padded ear phones — sized for young children, and adjustable for a great fit. And with the myPhones, parents don't have to be concerned about children blasting eardrums with an unnecessary level of noise. 85 dB is the max — enough to hear well, and still adjustable for lower, adequate volume.

An added bonus: myPhones sets come in different colors — each with washable, fine line Crayola markers, and sticker sheets for children to personalize their listening set.

…And For Yours

All parents need a few moments in the midst of busy, chaotic, kid-filled days to sit down, relax, and grab a few moments of musical peace. Griffin's Woodtones Real Wood Ear Buds make the whole experience quite comfortable — freeing our ears from the hard plastic buds that can make our inner ears sorer than bad music.

These soft, cushioned buds are soft and produce crystal clear, very smooth musical sounds. Each set is made from reclaimed wood that would have normally gone to waste, making each set distinctive. A cloth drawstring bag for simple storage make this listening tool a complete treat — or the perfect Christmas gift.

Lego-Building, the Tech Way

Building with actual Lego blocks is, of course, more fun and developmentally appropriate way for children to exercise their creativity and practice fine motor skills than any computer app. But the FREE Lego 4+ App by The LEGO Group might just be the next best thing — especially during those super long waits at the doctor's office or to stretch out the last 15 minutes of big sister's basketball practice. This cool little app allows children to "build" with Lego blocks, match up shape silhouettes with the proper combination of Lego blocks, and practice ever-developing hand/eye coordination skills. Accompanied with fun music, and with the perfect ease of finger-to-screen movement for young fingers, this app is a handy addition to playing with real LEGO blocks, without bringing all those bricks with you.

Suggestions for Using Technology With Children

1. Always, Always Limit

Children need the opportunities to get outdoors, play games, and build with, you know, stuff. Depending on your child's age and maturity, put boundaries of 20 minutes to 45 minutes a day of playful technology.

2. Use Rarely With Young Children

It's okay if your Kindergartner doesn't know how to operate all the apps on your smartphone, the way his peers do. Feel free to pull out your mobile device at the last possible minute in a long line, or to distract a challenging child from a meltdown.

3. Be Tech Smart

Rather than violent, mind-numbing games, check out the educational apps for children, as well as great music to help them learn more and perhaps even appreciate the arts.

4. Use It for the Whole Family — Together

Turn up the speakers on your smartphone to share an interesting news program with the whole family, or play music while everyone pitches in to help with dinner. Technology doesn't have to be synonymous with face-down, head-to-the-screen posture.

I received a set of Crayola myPhones for my child to try out, and a set of Wood Tones Ear Buds for me. We're both pretty happy with listening devices that fit our own head and ears.