I'm a list whore.

I list out my daily things-to-do, long-term goals, projects to start, books to read, groceries to procure, emails to send, phone calls to return, thank-you notes to send, chores to complete, the perverbial list continues ad infinitum. You'd think with all those lists, I'd be Organizer Mc StuffTogether, but, alas, it's quite the opposite, but I digress. With that said, when I first saw the previews for that Jack Nicholson/Morgan Freeman movie, The Bucket List, I began to think about what would be on mine. What are the things I'd most want to do before my life ended?  Skydiving? Visiting Macchu Picchu? Carrying on a comfortable conversation in Mandarin? Yes, please, all of the above. Then, I thought about my kids, and all the amazing things I want to do for/with/surrounded by them, and I soon realized my kid list might out pace my original list.

After discovering I'm not the only one with this line of thinking, I couldn't help obsessing over the items on my Parenting Bucket list.

In the interest of time and space, here's just a sample of mine...

  • Travel cross-country with my kids, from our home on the east coast to sunny California, stopping at every roadside spectacle, oversized donut, buried cadillac in the desert and cheesy touristy oasis along the way.
  • Immerse our family in a culture totally different from our own for an extended period of time.
  • Carry on our traditions of making special breakfasts on various holidays and occasions. Crepes on Easter morning, chocolate chip pancakes topped with whipped cream on their birthday, French Toast with homemade bread on Christmas and their choice of recipe to prepare on Mother's/Father's day.
  • Teach them to swim. Well.
  • Instill the value of a dollar, and encourage them to save for things they want.
  • Attend commencement exercises where they both graduate from college.
  • Provide a good, healthy living example.
  • Allow them to try as many musical instruments as they'd like.
  • Read at least one of the classics, aloud, over several evenings at bedtime.
  • Take them to their first concert, whatever type of music it might be.
  • Let them ride their bikes in a local parade
  • Make a quilt made of my sentimental favorite infant clothes (in progress!)
  • Go organic
  • Design and sew a dress for my daughter

Now, you. What's on your parenting bucket list?