Admit it, typical baby shower gifts can be pretty boring. Sure, mom registered for that wipes warmer, but does she actually need or want it? Probably not. Next time you attend a baby shower, get creative and wrap up one of these out-of-the-box baby shower gifts instead.

1. A maternity photo shoot

2. A session with a newborn photographer

3. An expensive baby carrier she wouldn't buy for herself — Maybe an Ergobaby?

4. Set up a Meal Train website — Or meal delivery service, for after baby is born.

5. A gift certificate for a cloth diaper service — If she's planning to use cloth diapers, obviously.

6. Cloth diaper covers — They come in some incredibly adorable prints and patterns, but they're not cheap, so she may not splurge for herself.

7. A membership to La Leche League — If she's thinking about breastfeeding.

8. A Rebecca Minkoff nursing tank — Again, if she's planning to breastfeed.

9. A maternity massage

10. A pre-delivery pedicure

11. A house cleaning service — Because who doesn't want one of those?

12. A service coupon book — The best gift for a new mom is often the gift of your time. Offer to do a load of laundry, or go grocery shopping, or hold baby while she takes a shower.

13. A gift certificate to Tiny Prints — From thank you notes to birth announcements to baptism invitations, she can design her own custom stationary with this popular online service.

14. A subscription to a parenting magazineMothering? Brain, Child? Kiwi? Parents? The options are almost endless.

15. A nice bottle of champagne — To toast baby's arrival in style. And put an end to all those months of not drinking alcohol.

15. Books for baby — Better yet, host a book-themed shower and help her build a beautiful library filled with classic children's books.

16. A bubble bath basket — Build a beautiful basket filled with luxurious bath products. She'll need the relaxation soon.

17. A movie night basketDate night out often becomes date night in once baby arrives, so build a basket for mom and dad with a few DVDs, some gourmet popcorn, and a gift card for takeout from their favorite local restaurant.

18. A copy of Preggatinis: Mixology for the Mom-to-Be — The expectant mom who misses her cocktails will enjoy indulging in this book's collection of "liquorless libations."

19. A copy of The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex — This frank book from popular author/blogger Kristen Chase is all about spicing up your post-baby sex life, making it a practical gift for a new mom — albeit one that will probably make her blush.

20. Pre- and/or post-natal yoga classes

21. A gift card to her favorite coffee shop —The perfect antidote to sleepless nights.

22. An infant massage class — Combine this with a collection of essential oils that she can use to calm and soothe baby.

23. A postpartum doula — Every new mother should have a postpartum doula to help ease her transition into motherhood. This is by far one of the best gifts you could possibly give.

Do you have a go-to baby shower gift? What do you think new moms really want or need to receive?