It's a new year and with it comes the desire for self-improvement. Many parents right now are resolving to be more organized. Between toys and laundry and homework, it can be tough to keep everything neat and tidy, but it isn't impossible.

Get Inspired with Pinterest

This site is loaded, and I do mean loaded, with ideas for organizing everything and anything that is cluttering up your life. If you're not on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? Just be careful because it's easy to get addicted.

Get Going With Blogs

There are so many blogs dedicated to getting organized, but a few stand out as true organization champions. IHeartOrganizing is one of them. It's filled with planners and printables and pure inspiration. SimplyOrganized is another fun blog that can help you organize everything from the playroom to the linen closet.

Get the Kids Involved

Getting your home organized doesn't mean it will stay organized — especially if the kids don't do their part. Children are more capable of helping out around the house than we often give them credit for. To help them help you, label storage boxes with a picture and the name of the type of toy that belongs in it. Set a firm rule that a new game or toy cannot be played with until the current one is put in its proper spot. You can also have your children help you fold the laundry. Start them off with simple tasks such as matching socks or folding washcloths.

Stay Motivated

A messy house leads to scattered minds. And once a house gets out-of-control disorganized it will be an overwhelming job to get it back on track. Each day, choose one room to clean or job to do, such as dusting or vacuuming. Get that job done as early as possible to ensure that it gets completed and isn't weighing on your mind all day long.

Let Go of What You Don't Need

One of our biggest roadblocks to organization is hanging on to items we don't use or need. Set aside time to go through each of the closets in your home. Donate or toss items that you haven't used in a year — including clothing. Chances are that if you haven't used them in that long, you never will. And getting rid of them will free up space to get what you do use properly organized. If you have sentimental baby items, consider displaying them in a shadow box rather than storing them in the back of a closet.

It might seem like organization is futile in a house with children, but it can be done. With a bit of inspiration, some help from the kids, and dedication, your home can be something to blog about.