Protecting our children is our No. 1 priority, but thousands of kids go missing every year. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the first three hours are the most important when trying to locate a child who is missing. Do you have the information available to quickly hand over to law enforcement? 

Operation Kidsafe, a free program, wants to help.

How It Works

Operation Kidsafe provides parents a Child Safety Kit that could be a crucial piece of evidence to help find your child in the event they go missing or are kidnapped. The kit — provided free of charge — contains a photograph and a set of digital fingerprints that can be used by parents in the event of an emergency.

Mark Bott created Operation Kidsafe 11 years ago after he realized he lacked an adequate safety plan for his own children.

"Should a child become lost, or even worse, kidnapped, the parent would call 911 and let law enforcement know they have an Operation Kidsafe document," Bott said. "The police department will know how to handle it from there."

Bott says the information can be used immediately anywhere in the world during an investigation.

Operation Kidsafe says it has provided its service to more than one million children. Operation Kidsafe also provides useful safety tips and strategies to parents at their events, which are hosted all over the country. To find out when and where an event is occurring in your area, fill out this inquiry form. Operation Kidsafe will send you the information you need.

The organization says no database or records of the children are kept; the only record of the children's picture and fingerprints goes home with the family. Operation Kidsafe will provide the Child Safety Kit to every family as long as the child is with a trusted adult.

National Child Safety Council

Another resource for parents is the National Child Safety Council. They offer a variety of tips and materials for parents and children. Check out their Child Protection section for materials on teaching your children about dangerous situations, spotting bad guys, and creating an ID file for your son or daughter.

Additional Resources for Parents and Families

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The Morgan Nick Foundation

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Child ID Mobile App