It's officially November, one of the best months of the year to shop for bargains! Wondering what your family should be buying now, and how to find the best deals on Black Friday? As always, we've rounded up the information you need!

Best Items to Buy in November

Halloween Hangover Items

Fairly certain that you'll be trick-or-treating with a Ninja next year? Then pick up the costume now, when it's likely to be discounted by 50% percent or more. Can't predict the future? You can still take advantage of Halloween clearance sales by purchasing candy, decorations, and cheap costumes and accessories for year-round dress-up play.


Deals on pots and pans are at an all-time high during the month of November, and retailers are discounting all sorts of other kitchen gadgets as well — which means that now is the time to purchase that new cast iron skillet or the pie plates you've had your eye on.


For many shoppers, deals on laptops, tablets, smartphones, and HDTV's are top priority. Black Friday offers some serious savings on these hot ticket items, but if you're hoping to score, you need to watch the ads (and be willing to wait in line).

Also keep in mind that many retailers offer the best deals on lesser-known brands, while top-of-the-line technology sees fewer discounts. If you're willing to purchase last year's models, though, you can easily score some savings by shopping during the earlier weeks of November.

Winter Apparel

In need of coats, hats, and gloves? November typically sees good deals on cold-weather necessities, particularly in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. You may find better savings in January, but you're also likely to freeze your way through the holidays if you wait to buy.

Tips for Shopping in November

Word on the street is that Black Friday ads are leaking early this year, so it's easy to see what deep discounts your favorite retailers will be offering (and which ones you should pass up).

Are you a Black Friday shopper? How do you score the best holiday deals?