There's a holiday for everything these days, and the humble s'more is no exception. With National S'mores Day tomorrow and National Marshmallow Toasting Day following closely behind on August 30, it's time to grab some graham crackers and celebrate in style with these unique ways to enjoy the familiar favorite.

1. S'mores With a Twist

The classic s'more is simple — chocolate, graham crackers, and a marshmallow that's been roasted over an open flame. But who says you can't kick things up a notch? Add bananas and peanut butter for an Elvis-style s'more, or make things minty with a chocolate graham cracker and a peppermint patty.

Think outside the box and you'll come up with some amazing flavor combinations. You could add jelly, fruit, lemon curd, bacon, various candy bars, Nutella, or even flavored marshmallows to the mix. For an interesting tropical treat, try pineapple and a Mounds candy bar!

2. S'mores Indoors

Even if you don't want to mess with fire, you can still enjoy the gooey sweetness of a s'more. Buy a package of pre-made, single serving graham cracker crusts, fill them with chocolate, top with marshmallows or marshmallow creme, and then bake in the oven until melted. Mini S'mores Handpies, though slightly different in flavor, are also a great way to get your s'mores fix indoors.

3. S'mores Cupcakes

These decadent treats require some time in the kitchen, but your dedication will pay off once you take a bite. Try this recipe from Bakers Royale for an elegant and sophisticated cupcake, or this one from 52 Kitchen Adventures for a cupcake that's sure to be a hit with kids, thanks to its gooey marshmallow fluff filling.

4. S'mores Dip

Feeling lazy? You only need three ingredients and a microwave (plus graham crackers for dipping) to make a simple S'mores Dip. All the flavor, none of the hassle.

5. S'mores Popsicles

As awesome as s'mores are, they're more appropriate for fall campfires than the August heat. Enter S'mores Popsicles, a frozen treat with roasted marshmallow ice cream. How amazingly delicious does that sound?

6. Savory S'mores

Who says s'mores have to be sweet anyway? Gather your favorite crackers or baguettes, and then roast a combination of meats, cheeses, and vegetables on a skewer. As soon as the cheese has melted, it's time to make your s'more. Try combining brie cheese with fig jam, small meatballs with tomato and mozzarella cheese, or smoked cheddar with bacon.

National S'mores Day (and National Marshmallow Toasting Day) may be silly holidays, but they're also great excuses for enjoying an all-American treat. Whether you're a traditionalist who likes the perfectly toasted marshmallow or a creative type who likes to deconstruct the classics, take the time to find your own tasty way to celebrate.

What's your favorite way to enjoy s'mores? Do you like to get creative or do you prefer to stick with tradition?