As I write this, I've just returned from a road trip with my husband, our 4-year-old, our 2-year-old, and our 4-month-old. It was our first long trip with all three kids, and while the older two were actually well behaved (and even slept), our baby spent most of the 4 hours there and 4 hours back letting us know that she was not cool with the whole car seat thing. During this 8 hours of on and off (mostly on) screaming, I learned a few things.

Be Willing to Be a Contortionist

Seriously, yoga helps. I spent much of the trip turned sideways with one arm stretched around my headrest holding a pacifier in her mouth while stroking her cheek with my thumb. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but it did buy us some time until we could pull over.

Plan Stops

Babies like to eat, so don't assume yours will fall asleep for the full length of the car ride (although my older two always did as babies). Our trip was 4 hours, which meant that stopping midway was perfect timing for us to feed her, take a bathroom break, and get back on the road.

Leave Room

You might like to ride in the front of the car with your spouse and act like you're on a date, but your baby has other plans. If she's crying uncontrollably for no reason other than she wants you, be sure that there's a seat near her available for you to move to. In my case, I was able to squeeze into the back seat of our van next to my eldest daughter. I removed the headrest from the seat the baby was in so I could lean over and chat with her for much of the ride.

Bring Toys

You have items to entertain the older kids, but your baby needs toys too. Make sure they are soft though so she doesn't whack herself in the face with them. Younger babies can enjoy toys that safely attach to their seat.

Be Easygoing

It's hard to stay on schedule with a baby in the car. Anything from gas bubbles to just plain boredom can cause you to pull over multiple times. It's best to maintain a go with the flow attitude and leave the house early.

Babies are hard work, but they're also easy - easy to entertain and easy to please as long as you know what they want. If you've got a road trip coming up with a baby, remember to plan ahead, go with the flow, and make sure your baby is dry, fed, and burped before you put her in the car.