During the winter months, we spend a great deal of time indoors in the Northeast, so we're usually looking for something active to do inside. Now that it's summer, we're still looking for active things to do inside when it is way too hot to play outside. One of my daughters has cystic fibrosis. Because 30 minutes of exercise a day is prescribed to keep her healthy, I recently purchased a Wii to keep her moving and jumping. Check out these hot weather indoor activities and games to get children moving with the Wii.

Just Dance Kids

I was filled with joy when I found Just Dance Kids. Seriously, I was. My daughter loves to dance and this is the perfect way to keep her moving.

Nickelodeon Fit

Dora, Diego, and The Backyardigans get together in Nickelodeon Fit to get your child exercising. A child fitness expert helped develop these 30 games that promote balance, strength, and coordination.

Walk it Out

Over 100 songs will keep the kids, and maybe even you, stepping to the beat. Walk it Out is a fitness focused game that includes music from the Black Eyed Peas, Jesse McCartney, and Demi Lovato. Plus, you can track your progress, including calories burned.

DanceDance Revolution Disney Grooves

Disney hits the dance floor in DanceDance Revolution Disney Grooves. This game features freeplay mode and a workout mode, and it includes 40 Disney songs and your child's favorite Disney characters.

We Ski and Snowboard

We Ski and Snowboard features lots of arm movements to stay balanced and will get kids using their upper body. You'll ski or board across four miles of mountain and perform jumps and tricks.

Mario Power Tennis

Mario Power Tennis is simple and fun. Get your kids playing tennis with Mario and Wiimote. Hit forehands and backhands to your child's favorite Mario characters including Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Shy Guy, and Koopa Troopa.

These Wii games may not be as good and benefical as actually skiing or playing tennis, but when you're stuck indoors, they are the perfect way to ensure your child gets the exercise their little bodies need. As an added bonus, it will tire them out so they'll be ready to sleep at bedtime.