Most of us have jumped on the social media bandwagon, but sometimes you still have to wonder if being a part of Facebook, Twitter, and the other popular networking tools are really helpful for day-to-day life. Is it all about networking? Can I really learn anything? Or is it all just a waste of my time? Wel,l grab your smart phone and your tablet, because social media can help you plan the best birthday party you’ve ever thrown for your child.


Pinterest is more than just hours of mindless, finger-clicking fun. If used correctly, Pinterest can be your source for new meal ideas, new décor inspiration, fashion finds, and fabulous birthday parties. Join Pinterest and start searching. Does your child love Dora the Explorer? Just search “Dora birthday” on Pinterest and a wealth of inspiration will be at your fingertips. You’ll find ideas from decorations to favors and invitations to games. Follow the links to find the instructions, recipes, or purchasing information.


This is a fun site which many Pinterest posts will likely lead you to. Most of the items for sale on Etsy are handmade and they are all beautiful. You are likely to find some unique decorations for your party here as well as cute, and very budget friendly games which you will be able to print right from your computer.


Once you find your inspiration, get on Twitter and start following your local party stores like Party City. Many stores offer deals to their followers so you can get discounts on your party supplies. Send them a direct tweet to see if they have any special offers going on.


You can use Facebook to find ideas and access coupons for your party. Simply “like” the page of a store to receive their updates. Party City often posts ideas for favors. And Betty Crocker posts fun recipes. Most grocery stores, like Price Chopper, or companies will post coupons for their followers. Shop for your party food without spending a fortune. You can also use Facebook to create an event page for the party and invite friends.

Even if you aren’t the most creative party planner, you can put together a perfect birthday party for your little one with a bit of help from social media. Use technology to your advantage. (And hey, if your child is on these networks, you should be too). It’s time to learn to tweet.