If there's one thing all families have in common, it's a family room that has toys scattered about. In a perfect world, our children would be diligent about putting away their toys and games when they are done playing with them, but let's face it, that day might never come. We can try to help it along with some better organization that we love and our kids can handle.

Toy Bins

We love this shelf and bin system from Just a Girl and Her Blog. It has iron-on pictures that let the kids know exactly which toys go where. The easier it is for them, the more likely they will help clean up, and the less stressed you will be.

Book Shelves

Bookcases are great, but not so much when the kids just can’t figure out how to make the books stand up correctly. We love these pallets turned book shelves featured by Little Lucy Lu. They are perfect for kids to place books into and save precious floor space too.

Remotes and Cords

One battle we constantly have involves lost remotes. It seems like we can never find them and never really know what to do with them. We love this idea from The Taste Full Life. Simply purchase a pretty book box and place it on your end table or shelf. You can hide away remotes, video game wires and anything else that clutters up your space.

And with little to no money spent and very little effort, you've got a more organized family room. Now, just teach your children how this new organized life is going to work and it will be great for the whole family. You'll have your sanity, and they will always know where to find their toys. One last tip: make sure you have a couple of decorative large baskets sitting under your end tables. If you need to clean up quick, they are perfect for stuffed animals and other random toys that may be scattered about.