New Year's Eve was always a fun time, before we had little children and bedtimes to contend with. We face the decision of whether or not to keep the kids up until the clock strikes midnight and wonder if we ourselves will even be able to keep our eyes open that late. Even if you all fall asleep before the New Year is rung in, you can still have plenty of fun.

Countdown to Noon

Have a party with some other families during the day on December 31. You can have fun drinks and snacks and countdown to noon instead of midnight. Your kid will have a blast and you'll feel like you got to have a night out too.

New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt

Print out pictures of your favorite memories from 2014 and tape them to construction paper with the date of the event on the back. Hide them throughout the house and send your children on the hunt. Once all of the photos are collected, go through them, putting them in order and talking about that day. Talk about which were your favorite and why. No Time for Flashcards has a great tutorial of this.

Slumber Party

Make New Year's Eve a camp out in the living room event. You can stay up playing games and watching movies with your sleeping bags spread out on the living room floor. Make sure you have plenty of fun snacks. Kids can take a rest of a bit, but they'll be right there ready for you to make sure they are awake to see the clock strike midnight.

Pretend Countdown

In your house, midnight happens when you say it does. Countdown to 8pm instead whether you turn the clocks back or not. Celebrate in all the usual ways with snacks and fun drinks or go over the top and make a balloon drop. However you choose to celebrate. You can all have fun counting down together and still be in bed at a reasonable hour.

Kids want to stay up until midnight, but it just isn't always possible, no matter how hard they try. But you can still make it a day to remember.