TLC recently introduced a new reality show, The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom, where the premise is simple:  one-time career women turned stay at home Moms are given the opportunity to take a step back in time and get a taste of life had they picked a different career than raising children.

The first time I caught the trailer of the former Carol Seaver surprising some unsuspecting, sweatpants clad, at-home Mom with the chance of a lifetime, I believe I said, out loud, SIGN ME UP!  I truly believed millions of other women like me simultaneously raised a fist in the air with that sentiment, too.  If the TLC message boards are any yardstick, I couldn't be a deeper shade of wrong.

Newsweek recently reported on the rumblings this seemingly innocent project created online among the Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) set.  One episode in particular caused a ruckus, where subject "Adrian" decides to chase her dream of designing clothes.  The attacks ranged from relatively innocent disagreement to one viewer accusing "Adrian" of "child abandonment" because she chose to work.

For years, the debate between Moms has raged on, with both sides firmly convinced her way is "right".  Working Moms argue that Motherhood comes in addition to a career while SAHM's contend it is the only career choice if you choose to have children.

I say, yes.  They're both right.  And, they're both wrong.

Anyone with kids realizes before the epidural wears off that any absolutes go by way of the Dodo bird as soon as baby arrives.  Nothing is clear cut, consistent, or predictable.  As a parent, the job title includes nurturing, teaching, loving and eventually, releasing your child into the world as a responsible, productuve member of society.  The End.  Whatever parental choices are made between birth and adulthood, within reason, should be up to the individual family and not subject to judgement or scrutiny by strangers.

If "Adrian" the fashion designer Mom, "Katie" the Chef Mom or "Stephanie" the Flight Nurse Mom decide to chase a passion, we should applaud their daring attempts and accept that our choices are truly the one thingin life we can call our own.

What do you think?