It's only been a few years since I had my first baby, but already technology has taken a leap forward. For help easing a new parent's anxiety during that first year, we give these products a thumbs up. There are many items out there you don't need for your newborn, but the technology that comes with these products can mean peace of mind.

The Wearable Baby Monitor

Night time and nap time can be high anxiety moments for new parents. The still not completely understood SIDs is a threat for every parent. Baby monitors have helped ease parents' minds since they can see their baby, but many parents still want to check their child's breathing. Instead of tiptoeing into the nursery and risking waking the child up, the new Monbaby detects breathing and movements, and streams that info to an app on a smartphone.

Pacifier Thermometer

This isn't so new, but it is still one of the best advancements for taking a baby's temperature. If your baby loves a pacifier, than this handy device will make it so easy to check for a fever. Just pop this pacifier in the baby's mouth and in a moment you will have soothed your baby, and learned if she is sick.

Mimo Onesie

This might be the priciest onesie you will buy, but with its ability to send you information on your baby's breathing, body position, sleep activity, and skin temperature, it might just be worth it. The little turtle and lily pad have a big job, and that's making sure you receive real time updates on your baby.

The Growth App

One thing that new parents' worry about is if their baby is growing at a healthy rate. The Growth App helps you keep track based on the World Health Organizations' chart for breastfed babies, and the chart for formula fed babies as well. Plus, there's a chart for premature babies too.

Technology in small doses is amazing and can help new parents live with less worry and free to enjoy more time with their bundle of joy.