Shopping for Mother's Day can be tedious work, especially for fathers and children who have no clue what types of gifts mom might actually enjoy. If you're at a loss for ideas, consider these last-minute shopping tips to help you find a gift worthy of your love and appreciation.

1. Know Your Audience

All moms are not created equal. Some mothers love handmade gifts and will treasure them always, while others prefer not to receive any more first grade art projects. In order to find the perfect gift, you have to know who you're shopping for.

Mothers of grown children, for example, will most likely love to celebrate with a family dinner; those of us still raising young children, on the other hand, want nothing more than to sleep in for a few hours and enjoy a nice meal without having to cut anybody else's meat.

2. Listen for Hints

Most moms drop hints — but you have to listen for them. Has she mentioned an extravagant purchase she won't make for herself recently? Suggested a trendy new restaurant she would like to try? If you keep your ears open, you're likely to hear what type of gift she'll enjoy.

3. Consider Her Interests and Hobbies

Flowers and Hallmark cards may be holiday staples, but they're not the most creative of gifts, and you'll earn major brownie points if you can learn to think outside the box. Consider a book for a mom who loves to read, or a donation to a local charity for a mom who loves to volunteer.

4. Skip the Stuff

Mother's Day was never intended to be the commercialized holiday it has become. Founder Anna Jarvis envisioned a day dedicated to honoring the sacrifices moms make — not one dedicated to lining the pockets of the floral and greeting card industries. The best gift can be as simple as a hug and an "I love you," particularly if both are accompanied by genuine love and appreciation.

5. Look for Inspiration

Mother's Day Gift Guides are widely available, and even though it may be too late to make an online purchase, browsing through these guides can spark gift ideas you wouldn't have otherwise considered. The Huffington Post, for example, just posted a Weird Mother's Day Gift Guide, which contains all sorts of unusual gifts for moms who are, well, a little weird.

I, for one, am holding out for this Wine Bottle Wine Glass. If that makes me weird, then so be it.

Have you finished your Mother's Day shopping? What type of gift did you buy or make?