My first pregnancy was easy.  Subtle nausea here and there, but there wasn’t anything to really complain about.  I was pretty surprised when, within the first month of this new pregnancy, I got hit hard with a dose of morning sickness.  I’m not one to lie around and moan, but I was definitely fighting the urge.  I decided to do some research and luckily, I learned a couple of things that work for me.  Now I’m feeling pretty good.  See which ones work for you, and keep trying new things.

1.      Drink clear juices.  The ones with natural cane sugar as opposed to the high fructose corn syrup make a difference.  Just take small sips at first.  Dilute it with water if you need to.  Be gentle.  This is great to take the edge off but also gets in some much needed calories.

2.      Eat soda crackers.  A couple of these first thing in the morning really help. 

3.      Don’t skip meals.  I’m laughing as I type this one.  Maybe it’ll help if you renegotiate what a “meal” is.  My typical love of food is squashed, so sometimes, the soda crackers will suffice for lunch.   

4.      Sip mint tea.  I add honey to be really sassy.  This has been my most successful pre and post meal helper.

5.      Mini meals will do.  Take a quarter of what you would normally eat and start on that when your stomach’s up to it.  Add a little more until you’re certain your tummy can handle it.  The worst thing about morning sickness is that there are moments of clarity where you feel good enough to eat.  Then, if you’re anything like me, you gorge to get as much food as you can.  This is a very bad idea.  I made too many trips to the toilet to mention after gorging, so take my word for it and eat like a French lady.  Small bites…

6.      Exercise!  This was the most instant, (and surprising,) cure to fix my nausea.  Just when I felt like I was going to lose my morning glass of water, I laced up my shoes, put on my 3 mile walk video, and sweat away the illness.  I kid you not, it works.  I know this is the last ting you want to do when you’re sick, but trust me and try this.  It also gave me energy which compensated for my lack of caffeine and those pregnancy hormones making me sleepy.

7.      Potato chips.  I saw this as a cure on one site and was suspicious.  But I tried it and it worked.  I had the Ruffles brand and ate a quarter serving…slowly.

8.      Take naps.  I saw this one on a site and had to try it.  Sometimes it worked, but sometimes I got more ill.  Lying on my side seemed to make the room spin or something.  But I won’t complain about getting a nap.  What a luxury!


Morning sickness typically begins around the second week of pregnancy and ends by the twelfth week.  However, the nausea fairy swiped me early this time, and I found out it can come as early as two weeks along.  Also, morning sickness happens at all times of the day, so don’t let that misnomer shake you.


Other suggestions I read were to avoid smelly places and to get someone else to cook if you can’t be around the food scents.  Yeah right.  I figured the more realistic thing for me to do was to crock pot cook.  Somehow the smells don’t punch me in the face as much as they do when they’re sautéing right before husband gets home.  Also, I do more baking and roasting in the oven.  Figure out when you feel the most sick and work around that schedule.  If you’re a morning croaker, cook at night.  If you’re an evening hacker, prep in the morning and use the crock pot.  If you’re sick all day, sip mint tea, workout and have the family eat take out while you nap in your bed.

 Like that will ever happen.

 (Not all morning sickness is the same.  Be sure to talk to your doctor if you can't keep anything down or if your sickness last beyond the first twelve weeks.  We want healthy babies and healthy mamas!)