Did you get everything you wanted this year?  I'm not just talking Christmas.  Take a minute to think about you.  Everybody wants something.  Make 2008 your year to get it.

Gold Stars - How often do you acknowledge your accomplishments? A few months back I tracked the hours I spend in parenting and household duties.  It was over forty hours a week - way over.  I gave myself a gold star then, just as Kim Moldofsky at Baby Center encourages us all to do now. 

Thinner Thighs - Beth at SV Moms gives us a review of titled Skinny Bitch, A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous, which she says works just as well as The Bitchy Moms Diet.

Books, Books, Books - Who can't use more books?  Let this excellent list of books from Rocks In My Dryer be your inspiration then start your own.  Make a wish list on Amazon and make sure everyone knows about it.  2008 will be filled with gifts you really want to receive.

If you're in the mood to go deep, read this essay on yearning by Patti Digh.  Turns out wanting things can be a very, very good thing.