And you thought you’d just tell your self to diet and exercise more in 2008. Here’s a whole list of advice for taking resolutions straight into parenting.

Dr. Vincent Iannelli’s Parenting Resolutions are all about remembering to model good behavior. What better way to stop stuffing our faces with Christmas cookies and chocolate than to know if we do we are setting our kids up for obesity in the new year?

Diane Tukman New Year’s Resolution? Try Volunteering as a Family.

The American Camp Association has a great to do list for better health for the kids which hopefully means the adults in the family too. You can take the kids for a walk without going on one yourself, right?

Denise Oliveri Sets New Year’s Resolutions for Tweens whom she says are often unorganized and need focus.

Babycenter offers up a good list of New Year’s Parenting Resolutions from their readers.

And what’s your parenting New Year’s Resolution going to be?