Well it’s a few days after Christmas and all the daycare providers and schools are still closed until at least January 2nd.

How will you make it to the end of school vacation in one piece? How will you keep the sanity while it snows? Not to worry. You aren’t alone in wishing you were alone. Parents everywhere are wishing their kids long winter naps. And all those toys just don’t seem to be holding their interest like you would like.

Bob Strauss offers a little advice on How to Keep the Kids Happy During Winter Break.

Cyndi Roberts offers similar but keeps it cheap in 7 Frugal Activities for Bored Kids! Who wants to shell out more cash this time of year?

Ang, G. has been feeling the winter vacation dull drums since before Christmas began in Day 3 of Winter Break.

Irene at Our Little Piece of the World let’s us in on the post Christmas guilt. We will all make to the New Year, right?