Lindsay Brin is the founder of Moms Into Fitness. A mom herself, she is a fitness guru with credentials in sports and exercise science from the University of Kansas, and numerous certifications in exercise and fitness. She has developed programs just for women โ€” those who are pregnant, and those who want to get back in shape after having a baby. I had the opportunity to review Lindsay's 60-Day SlimDown Plan for our readers of the Squad!

The 60 Day SlimDown plan contains:

  • a 60 Day Meal Plan with lots of ideas and very simple recipes
  • a 60 Day Calendar with workouts for each day
  • Progress Tracker
  • Fit Level Test
  • 4 workout DVDs: Core Firing Sequence Method, Core Metabolic Jumpstart, Shed 5 Fast DVD, and the very effective Post Natal Boot Camp

The 60-Day SlimDown program is designed for moms who have recently had babies and are trying to get down to, or even below, their pre-pregnancy weight. Here are some highlights:

1. The Meal Plan Is Simple

In fact, it's no big deal. Her plan emphasizes eating lean protein and carbs at each meal, a good chunk of veggies and fruits, and sensible snacks. The foods can be purchased at your local grocery store or farmer's market.

2. The Fitness DVDs Work

No sugar-coating here: it's tough. But doable for busy moms.

3. Step-By-Step Abdominal Exercise Instructions

I have done lots of different exercises over the years. This is the first time an instructor has taken me, step by step, through the proper way to do abdominal exercises, and how to determine if I'm doing them properly each time.

4. Prenatal Boot Camp DVD

The prenatal boot camp allows moms to learn different workout combinations (already designed ahead of time by Lindsay), then continue on mixing and matching 10-minute segments, and 3-minute core work inside of a warm-up and cool down for a complete workout. Got 30 minutes? No problem. Need to exercise for about 45 minutes? There are plenty of combinations to keep from getting bored. The boot camp DVD alone includes toning, body resistance, cardiovascular workouts, kickboxing, and plyometrics.

5. Effective Workouts You Can Do at Home

You can add outdoor exercises into the mix, but if you're the only one at home with the kids, her workouts can help get your fit level up until you have the opportunity to get out.

6. No Big Equipment

Only hand weights, a playground ball (weight ball optional), a mat, and your body.

My Experience

In the end, I lost four inches, six pounds, and came out significantly more fit than when I started. It took about a month for me to see weight come off, but afterwards, I was able to run with my husband and kids without getting winded. I also helped out at a local children's' event, which involved climbing, jumping, and sliding in an air-blown bouncy house with a bunch of kids for about 45 minutes. I was totally up for it โ€” and felt great after. Knowing that these kinds of workouts can help me keep up with my family is the biggest payoff of Lindsay's program.

Her workouts are exercises I will continue, along with her suggestions to shake things up by mixing in a run, a hike, or a fast walk. I'm seven months post-baby #3, and I still have a lot of work to do; getting even a few pounds off was tough, and they didn't come off quickly.

Lindsay's Tips for Moms

Lindsay points out that many moms have a difficult time getting their body back after child #2, #3, #4, and so on.

"With each consecutive child we all have less time to commit to workout, and don't devote as much time to nutrition โ€” more than half the battle in trying to get weight off."

She emphasizes the need for variety in a workout, and doesn't put up with the idea of spot reduction.

"If you stick with the same workout month after month, not only will you be bored, your body will be bored. And when your body gets bored it stops showing results. You've got to switch it up to see quick results; it's called muscle confusion."

Lindsay Offers Three Tips for Weight Loss

  1. Find out what your target weight is and make a goal for yourself.
  2. Schedule a workout into your planner, just like you schedule everything else.
  3. Toning, toning, and toning! Muscle burns 35-50 calories, while fat burns 2.

Bonus! Try Lindsay's Workout Trial

Moms Into Fitness is offering a one-month video workout trial starting soon. Look for it later this month at her Moms Into Fitness website.

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Disclosure: The writer received a complimentary copy of Lindsay Brin's Moms Into Fitness 60-Day Slimdown Program, including 4 DVDs, nutrition guidelines with simple recipes, and a workout schedule.