Math is a subject that can start a war between parent and child at homework time. The way we were taught math is different from the way our children are being taught math, and that alone can lead to trouble. But unlike our parents, we have the joys of parenting in the age of technology and can find help at the click of a button.

Math Websites


The help of 500 volunteer mathematicians is right in your hands with this nonprofit website. After registering for free, your child can get answers to their math questions from certified math nerds within 16 hours through hints and guidance from the pros. Help is available in Spanish, too.

Dr. Math

If your child is struggling with a particular math problem and you can't seem to help, he can turn to the popular Dr. Math instead. From fractions to word problems, Dr. Math has been helping students since 1994.

Math Apps

Math Homework Solver

The Math Homework Solver, available for iPad and IPhone, allows you and your child to understand and solve math problems on your mobile device. From fractions to equations and arithmetic to geometry, there's help for any question your child has.

Text a Tutor

Text a Tutor is an app for Android devices that provides live help with math homework. Students submit math problems to tutors by typing in a question or even snapping a photo of the math problem with their smartphone's camera. Tutors respond within minutes with explanations and tips.

Math Ref

Math Ref for Apple is a math reference app that includes formulas, figures, examples, and tips to help your child understand math. You can search for the help topic your child needs, and take notes as well. From algebra to physics, this app took second place in the 2011 Best App Ever for young adults awards.

It turns out you don't need to be a math genius to help your child become one. Turn to the web and your smartphone for help and your child will be the one who succeeds.