Staying within a budget while shopping for your family can be a difficult task, but it is possible to save money on the items you need most — if you know when to shop. During the month of March, for example, the following family favorites are frequently at their lowest prices of the season.

1. Frozen Foods

March is National Frozen Foods Month, which means that manufacturers will issue lots of coupons and retailers will offer excellent deals. And since frozen food is stored in, duh, the freezer, it keeps well — meaning you can stock up for the months ahead.

2. Winter Apparel

Winter apparel has been on its way out since the end of December, but March usually sees rock bottom prices on items like pants, coats, and long-sleeved shirts. Consider buying now for next season.

3. Winter Vacation Packages

March means Spring Break season, when warmer weather and tropical vacations are beckoning. Take advantage of this "spring fever" to score good deals on winter vacation packages as skiing and snowboarding season draws to an end.

4. Winter Sports Gear

If you spring for a winter vacation package now, you're likely to find good sales on the gear you'll need for your trip. And even if you stay home, you can still take advantage of deals on winter sports gear — think ice skates and hockey gear that kids might need next season, for example.

5. Boats

Okay, maybe a boat isn't on your list of family must-haves, but if you are in the market, March is apparently an excellent time to buy. Boat show season is in full swing, and dealers are eager to make sales for the upcoming summer season.

6. Jewelry

March is a slow month for jewelry sales, since Valentine's Day is over and Mother's Day is still too far away to spark sales. So if you're shopping for your significant other — or maybe a teen with a special birthday coming up — you're likely to find a decent deal.

7. Garden Supplies

Sales on seeds, soil, and garden supplies are hot during the month of March, since retailers are eager to grow sales along with your spring garden. Gardening is the perfect activity for families, and a wonderful way to welcome spring, so this is one March deal you don't want to miss.

Do you shop during the month of March? What items do you usually buy?