March isn’t a huge month for sales, but the deals are there if you know where to look. So along with spring cleaning your house, it's a perfect time to spring clean your budget.

1. Frozen Food

Time to fill that freezer! March is National Frozen Foods month. By combining sales and coupons, you can get some deep discounts on foods that are perfect for stocking away for later. If you’ve been thinking of getting a freezer for stock-piling food, check CraigsList for a good deal and start having fun saving money on groceries.

2. Chocolate

Leftover Valentine’s Day treats, decorations, and crafts are still on sale as retailers make way for Easter goodies. We scored some Valentine hairband crafts this week for 90% off. 

3. Winter Clothing and Gear

Plan ahead for next year by shopping clearance for winter clothing for next season. Clothing and coats, and even snow boots, hats, and gloves will be on sale. You’ll be happy next November when you aren’t paying full price for winter gear.

4. iPads

Rumor has it that Apple will be discontinuing the first generation iPad Air and possibly the iPad mini 2 as well. A new iPad Pro will likely be launching this month, therefore, those discontinued models will be available at great prices.

5. Luggage

Planning a big vacation this year? If you’re in need of new luggage, now’s your chance to score a great deal. Older models will be the most affordable.

If you’re new to couponing, check out our list of the top couponing sites. Now’s the perfect time to kick-start savings as we head into spring!

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