Summer is the perfect season to lighten and brighten your home decor. From adding pops of color to incorporating more natural elements, these simple tips will help you bring the warmth and spirit of summer indoors.

Choose New Paint Colors

You don't have to repaint your home each season (because obviously that would be expensive and time-consuming), but the colors that appeal to us in the dead of winter often don't hold the same charm when the weather warms up outside. If you're ready to lighten up your decor, replace wall paper and dark paint colors with neutral shades like creams and beiges or pale yellows, blues and greens.

Change Your Accent Pieces

During the winter months you may opt for dark, rich hues, but summer is all about light and breezy.

  • Replace throw pillows on your couch with brighter colors (think coral, yellow, or lime green) for a pop of tropical color in your living or family room.
  • Towels and bath mats in the bathrooms can also be easily changed. Crisp clean white is a popular choice during the summer months.
  • Don't forget about your bed linens; put away that heavy duvet and invest in a new sheet set to lighten up the look and feel of your bedroom.
  • Put dark, oriental rugs in storage. Add a natural fiber jute rug for a softer, more summery effect.
  • Sheer curtains, especially in pastel colors, can also make your home feel lighter and brighter.
  • Don't forget about slipcovers. They can change the color of your sofa in an instant.

Bring the Outside In

Incorporating outdoor elements is a classic way to brighten up your home for summer.

  • Love the beach? Add sand and seashells throughout your home.
  • Create a gallery wall featuring family vacation pictures and your favorite summer snapshots.
  • Start an indoor herb garden in a sunny window.

Stick to Simple Changes

If you don't have the time or money to make large scale changes to your home decor, stick to small accents that can have a big impact.

  • Add vases of fresh or even artificial flowers to tables throughout your home.
  • Buy candles in fruity or floral scents to keep your home smelling light and fresh.
  • Decorate the inside of your fireplace with a candlescape or greenery.
  • Clean your windows. Clear, sparkling glass will make your whole house shine!

How do you lighten and brighten your home for summer? Do you make a lot of changes, or keep everything mostly the same?