I recently tried to work outside of our home part-time. Yeah, that didn't work. As I sit here writing this, my 11-year-old, who is homeschooling again is doing his language arts, my two-year-old is playing with the noisiest toys we own, my four-year-old is whining about not being allowed to play with a video game (he's quite persistent) and I'm nursing the 3 month old.

Every morning I wake up at 5 am and feed the baby while trying to get a little cleaning done before everyone else wakes up. I also drink a bunch of coffee. At 6 am I wake up my 13-year-old (Alex) and 16-year-old (Lydia) for school.

By 6:30, Lydia needs to be out the door to take the city bus to her high school across town. She's good at taking care of everything herself, so she's pretty low-maintenance in the morning...also, not very chatty!

By 6:35, Alex needs to have eaten, taken insulin, brushed his teeth and washed up so I can drive him to school for a 6:45 tutoring session with his French teacher.

I wake Liam, the homeschooler, up at 6:30 to come downstairs for breakfast and to be available should Jack, the four-year-old wake up and wander downstairs while I'm off driving.

"Mom," Kiara is now asking me (as I type) and while she simultaneously climbs up on me and the baby, "is that your nose?"

"Hmmm?" I reply.

"Is that your nose? Is that your nose?"

"Yes, yes, sweetie, that's my nose."

I also drive my husband to work at the same time I drive (excuse me for a second, Liam needs me to correct his first page) Alex to school.

I then come back and make breakfast for everyone who is home, nurse the baby, change diapers, get kids dressed — no big deal right? After the morning rush, our mornings are pretty low-key...unless Alex has to travel to the endocrinologist or Liam needs more testing or someone has a doctor or dentist appointment or I've been ambitious enough to schedule a play date!

By noon, Jack is off to four-year-old kindergarten for half a day and then Kiara and Seamus have a nap while Liam does some reading — or maybe mows the neighbor's lawn. I try and read, fold laundry, write or something kind of grown-up in nature.

It's after naps are over that my world gets a bit more confusing and hence, why I was unable to hold a job.

At 3:20 pm I pick up Jack from school. At 4pm I pick up Alex from play practice. I go home and start dinner, then shoot out the door to pick up John from work. We hit the grocery store together (and alone!), for a few things on the way home (this is almost every night when you have 7 kids).

Between 5:30 and 6 we usually set the table for dinner and get that going. Before I can sit down to eat, though, I usually have someone to run to Tae Kwon Do, soccer practice or a boyfriend's house (Lydia).

After that drop off (usually about 20 minutes away), I'll zip home, sit down to join in dinner, help with some clean-up or nurse the baby and then zip off to pick up whomever I have dropped off.

With only one car, the picking up and dropping off is usually left to me — and since John has been at work all day he relishes the time with the kids left behind, while I enjoy the peace and quiet I get to myself for a few minutes in the car!

Once in a while — about once or twice a month — I make it to a meeting for a group for which I do volunteer work.

I feel really guilty sometimes that I can't provide more income for our family, and sometimes I feel that I've done nothing important with my life except learn to drive a car! But I know that my being there to do all these things is important work — even if it will never get me on Oprah!