The 2014 Olympic games are finally here! Olympic sports sometimes get lost in the constant hoopla of American fan favorites like football and basketball. But a sporting event that can be traced back to 776 BC and gathers athletes from around the world is due its moment in the spotlight.

Don't think your kids can't get into the Olympic spirit with you. Check out these family-friendly ideas for celebrating the 22nd Winter Olympics taking place February 7 through 23.

1. Complete Olympic-themed crafts and activities.

From a homemade Olympic torch to a 3-D Ski Jump, lots of craft ideas abound on the web. Why not stage some kid-themed winter games of your own? No ice skates or skis required. Grab some marshmallows and Olympic-colored pipe cleaners for an Olympic Ring Snowball Toss or turn an empty wrapping paper tube into a bobsled course for their favorite toy cars. Award Olympic medals at the end of each event.

2. Enjoy Olympic-inspired treats and foods.

Making those Olympic rings pop up in a variety of foods is simple. Frostings, chocolate candies, even fruits can top cakes, cookies, and bagels for simple, delicious snacks.

Embrace the global theme and encourage your little ones to try snacks from around the world. With the games being held in Sochi, Russia, it might be a great time to try Russian Winter Salad. Many kids will enjoy Loukoumades, a sweet treat from Greece. Combine your family's ancestry and the games' international spirit and enjoy foods from your family's cultural background.

3. Watch the nontraditional sports.

The are plenty of opportunities to watch winter Olympic favorites like figure skating and skiing during primetime viewing hours. But thanks to the DVR, you can give your kids a peek at other sports they've likely never seen. Curling, skeleton, and snowboarding come to mind.

4. Read books.

Check out your local library and bookstore that are likely featuring Olympic-themed books this month. Visit the biography sections to read about past U.S. winter Olympic athletes.

5. Learn about Olympic history.

Why are there five rings and what do their colors symbolize? Why is a torch lit before the Olympic games and carried in a relay? You might be surprised by how much you don't know about the Olympics, so this fact-finding scavenger hunt will be fun for parents and children alike.

Take the opportunity to have some Olympic-themed fun with your kids this month. Let the games begin!