Whether they're in public school, private school, or home school, lots of students are back in class. Hot topics are new educational apps for children, health and fitness (as always), teen sleep, and homework.

Yes, There's an App for That

Check out the Sight Words app and Math Fact Master for learning apps for children that are simple to customize to each child's level.

USA Weekend gathered some educational apps. Take a look and see which ones your child could benefit from. Storytelling, spelling, letter sounds, and names are skills included in the apps they've rounded up.

Here's to Their Health

Do you know how many push-ups a 9-year-old should be able to do? What is the most common chronic childhood disease? PARADE magazine has a great back-to-school Kids' Health Quiz for parents to take that will answer these, and several more. Go through the ten questions and see how much you know about things like vitamins for children, fitness, and how much sleep your teenager really needs.

Speaking of sleep, some experts say teenagers are not getting enough of it. Some folks (and probably some of those teens) are calling for a siesta. The National Sleep Foundation has even highlighted serious dangers of sleepy adolescents, including statistics on traffic crashes in which lack of sleep was a factor. In the research report published by the foundation, Adolescent Sleep Needs and Patterns, other problems with sleepiness include "negative moods," "poor school performance," and "increased likelihood of stimulant use." The report encourages parents and schools to "accommodate adolescents' sleep needs and circadian rhythms at this developmental age."

Bringin' It Home

Some schools are rethinking their homework policies, encouraging a limit on the amount of work sent home in an effort to restore childhood to kids to are being loaded down with work. There are plenty of opinions about whether or not homework hurts or helps, but it isn't likely to go away anytime soon. Students will have to take on the responsibility and hit the books.

Moms and dads: What say you?