Despite their resistance to "chores," kids don't start out hating helping around the house. In fact, little ones are just dying to "help" Mom and Dad -- even though often it can take longer to complete tasks with their assistance! No matter what age your children, you'll find some tips on getting them to earn their keep in this week's "Best of" blog round-up:

Chores are out. Helping is in. Does that make parents wimps? Before you make your kids mow the lawn and make their beds, check out this list of questions so you can figure out your personal standards and goals. It'll walk you through pay vs. no pay, what "clean" means, and more. Parentopia

Chore chart for multiple kids. Creating a fun and crafty way to track chore assignments just might make the little ones more likely to help out. Check out this quirky how-to from How Does She?

Starting kids on chores. Trying to get your household from grim to prim in a timely manner with toddlers underfoot? Read this blog post to get some specific ideas for how to enlist your family's help. To Love, Honor and Vacuum

I'm doing this for you, kids! More chores, less enrichment. We wnant to give our kids everything under the sun, but we need to ask for something in return. This blog post tells you why (hint: Doctor's orders!). Enviromom

Childhood farm chores give kids a solid foundation. Are you children complaining about putting the dishes in the dishwasher and vacuuming out the backseat of the car? Have them read this column about what life is like for kids on a dairy farm! Farm and Dairy

Getting kids to do chores. A back-to-the-basics list of tips to get the kids started pulling their weight around the home, including a handful of developmental skills chores can help with. Life360

What do you do to get your kids to help out? Pay? Chore charts? Threats? Tell us!