I have been a Glubble user for some time now.  I enjoy letting my kids cruise the internet, but I want to be responsible about how much freedom I gave them.  This newest version of the software strikes perfect balance between managing your kids’ screen time and giving them permission to really go places with their online experience!

What’s Glubble?  In its simplest form, Glubble for Families is an internet browser, social networking tool, and a way for families to connect online. 

What won’t Glubble do?  It is not a substitution for parental involvement.  In fact, we love Glubble because it encourages sharing of info, messages, photos, and more between kids and adults.  It requires me to get involved with the process of putting my children online.  It won’t parent for me, lock my computer up, or guarantee a hack-proof environment.

What kind of safeguards does Glubble offer?  In addition to an entire library of recommended online activities, it gives parents the chance to approve additional websites based on their own family standards.  Websites that aren’t on the approved list won’t come up, and a password prompt is required to gain access.

My other favorite feature is the Google search tool.  A kid-friendly version of our favorite search engine, I can allow my kids to conduct safe searches for information relevant to them (and I can even view what they’ve been searching for.)  Results will only come up on pages I approve.  If kids need additional access, I can always step in and provide more on a case-by-case basis.

I have always been a firm believer in being the only one who decides what my kids should see on the web.  Just like with the books, magazines, and movies we take in, I also want to be instrumental in choosing sites that are appropriate for my family’s standards.  Sure, I could get one of those boxed internet options that sanitizes everything my kids come in contact with.  But I’d rather be an involved parent who uses my own good sense to guide my children in their learning – day by day, site by site.  As the online world develops and changes, I’m glad to have a tool like Glubble to keep me the manager of my kids’ screen time.

(Glubble is constantly making improvements to their free software.  For information on Glubble, the team who makes it all happen, or for common questions regarding the software, see the Glubble website and the Glubble Users Group.)