Do your children's closets look like the clearance rack at Old Navy -- overflowing with clothes of various sizes from all four seasons? Is your attic full of bags of outgrown clothes with no method to the madness? Do you buy clothes ahead and then forget about them because they got shoved into an obscure corner behind the Polly Pockets and the princess costumes?

Here is a simple system I have come up with that keeps our kids' closets and my attic tidy and organized so I can find everything I need when I need it.

I have a boy (age eight) and two girls (ages five and two). I like everything in my kids' closets to be current, meaning the correct season and the correct fit. I can't stand to have clothes in their drawers that they don't wear because they are too big or too small or out of season. So this is what I do.

When I buy clothes ahead, which I often do (end of season sales are great for stocking up ahead of time), I hang them in the closet of the child who will wear them next -- on a far end where they are out of the way, and yet still visible. This is so that I don't forget about them, and so I can easily check to see what I have when it comes time to fill in the next season's wardrobe.

I keep a plastic tub on the floor of each of my children's closets. When someone outgrows an article of clothing, I immediately remove it from the closet or dresser drawer and put it in the plastic tub. That's right -- I don't even wait for the end of the season to go through their clothes. The instant I notice that something is too small, it goes right in the tub. Unless it's so tattered and worn that no one would want it, in which case it goes to the nearest trashcan.

At the end of the season, I go through everyone's drawers and closets. Any clothing that might fit them the next year, I stack neatly on the top shelf of their closets, over the hanging items that I've bought ahead. All outgrown clothes go in the tub, unless they're worn beyond recognition, and then they go in the trash.

With my son and my littlest daughter who have no siblings to use their outgrown clothes, I give their outgrown clothes to one of my friends with a child who might be able to wear them. The nicer things I sell on ebay.

The outgrown clothes of my middle child get sorted and labeled according to size and season. Then they are stored in the attic in a visible spot where I can find them easily when it's time to pass them on to her little sister. The key here is to label everything clearly so I know exactly what I have and where to find it.

I have found that keeping these plastic tubs in each closet and immediately moving outgrown clothes out of their drawers and closets has made staying organized so easy. It's not a big job if you keep up with it all year round.

What tips do you have for keeping clothes organized?