I used to count Kate Gosselin as one of my heroes. She's a young mother of 8 young children who parlayed her experience as a mother of high order multiples and twins into a one-hour special on the Discovery Channel, which led to what millions have come to love as Jon and Kate plus Eight, which airs on TLC. She's smart, funny, articulate and rocks a short-do like few women can.

I can't say for sure when the love affair ended, but we've gone our separate ways, Kate and I. Since I "met" Kate through her TV show, I related to almost everything she experienced with regards to her kids and husband, even though I have just twins and she has 4 times that amount of children. Regardless, when dealing with multiples, in some situations, the number of kids is irrelevant, and we parents of multiples can see that secret handshake from a mile away.  Soon after the start of this latest season, Kate's attitude and what I perceive to be her goals don't exactly align with what I look for in a hero.

Until now, most episodes of J&K+8 centered around mundane day-to-day minutiae of the Gosselin's life, with an excursion to the zoo or a babysitter thrown in to mix things up a bit. That boringness was what drew me in. Now, the Gosselin machine is a promotional juggernaut. Businesses, like Nestle and So Cool Mom discovered the benefit to strategically placing their product or 5-star ski resort logo on the show. In the hands, on the backs, displayed on the table or on the travel itinerary of the Gosselins, these placements could generate some serious traffic. Ever notice the lingering shots on Juicy Juice or those fun shirts Kate wears? Those aren't accidents, they are calculated decisions to put those products there, for the mutual benefit of the producers and suppliers. I have no opinion with regards to the Gosselin's parenting style or choices, since those decisions are theirs and theirs alone. But, when my Motherhood hero attempts to mix a relatable dullness with a 22 minute commercial, that's a drink I'll pass on.

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