After December's mad dash of holiday shopping, a store or shopping mall is the last place many of us want to be right now. But retailers make a big push to move leftover holiday inventory off their shelves during the month of January, which translates into good deals for consumers. Have energy left for more shopping? The following are some of the best items to buy this month:

Video Games

Prices on the newest and hottest video games were at a premium before the holidays, but they'll start to come down this month as retailers compete for your business. January is the prime month to let your kids shop for their favorite games, especially if they have gift cards to spend.

Carpet and Flooring

It isn't glamorous, but it is necessary. And since most customers try to complete carpet and flooring jobs before the rush of holiday parties and visitors, January is a slow month for this industry — which means better deals and more attentive customer service for you.

Air Conditioners

You're probably keeping cool enough right now, but that shouldn't stop you from planning ahead. If you need a new air conditioner, take advantage of the slow season and get an installer to your house now, before the weather heats up and they're all booked solid.

Bed and Bath Items

January "white sales" have been around since 1878, when merchant John Wanamaker declared that all linens (which were only available in white at the time) should be sold at discount during the month of January.

Today's white sales are white in name only, and offer excellent discounts on sheets, towels, and bed and bath accessories every color.

Furniture and Appliances

Retailers are eager to clear space on the showroom floor for the newer models coming soon, so if you need to purchase larger items for your home, like a stainless steel refrigerator or new bedroom furniture, January is a great time to shop.

A House

In the market for a new family home? Now may not be the best time to sell yours, but it could be the best time to buy someone else's. According to TodayMoney on, "anyone putting their house on the market during the worst selling time must be a 'committed seller,' one that might be willing to compromise on price."

Holiday Treats and Decorations

Wrapping paper, wreaths, and Christmas decorations are heavily discounted during the month of January, so if you can afford it, head to the clearance aisle and stock up for next year.

While you're there, consider springing for some of the discounted holiday treats as well. They may be shaped liked Santa Claus and definitely won't last until next year, but they're perfect for Mommy's little stash of "special" candy — especially if nobody else in the house knows where the stash is hidden.