If you want to have fun, mention Sarah Palin to someone and watch the fires roar. Whether they are a lefty or a righty, an innie or an outtie, everyone has an opinion about this mother of five from Alaska. Is it right that her talent as a mother is always mentioned within the first few sentences? And what about the conundrum the conservative side faces with her nomination? She's a mother of five, who does so much for the cause, people wonder if her family is left in the lurches. This is a problem for a “pro-family” platform. What about the liberal part of America? This woman is pro-life, pro-guns and pro-oil. Oh, yeah, and religious, don't forget that one. She's a walking enigma. To make it simple, I'll look at both sides of the argument and then analyze if it should really even matter.

“Sarah Palin is a bad mother.” She goes against the “mother bear instinct” of protecting her children by thrusting them into the limelight for her own personal advantage. This she proved, as she invited her seventeen year-old pregnant daughter's shotgun fiancé to sit up front and center at the Republican National Convention. She has so much going on her career life, one wonders when she has time to spend with her (very) young children and one even being a special needs infant. She plays to the camera instead of playing with her children. Who's tucking these little ones in at night anyway?

“Sarah Palin is a good mother.” She has consistently proven that making the right decision isn't the easy decision. She doesn't fall into the trap of “do as I say not as I do,” as so many of us parents are guilty of. She is pro-life, and has made the tough decision to choose life. She has stayed in a marriage to her high school sweetheart, (all of us “marrieds” are nodding at how challenging the adventure of marriage sometimes can be.) She has stood by her young, pregnant daughter and, instead of hiding her away until after the election to avoid a “public shame,” has been open with her support. As a mother, Palin has publicly stated that, although her daughter has chosen a path that will be difficult, she will be by her side. A constant test of parenthood comes when our children do things we aren't necessarily proud of. Palin, at one of the most monumental career moments of her lifetime, is facing family trials that would shut down the strongest women I know. Still, she carries on, unwavering in her standards, beliefs and morals. Finally, Palin is a living example to her daughters of what a woman can accomplish in America.

Why does it matter?” This is the question that fascinates me. Despite what I believe about Palin's parenting, is it my business? As Obama says, the politics stop at the family. But is this questioning of Palin's capabilities as a parent truly masking a double standard that women face? Pardon my simplicity...but, duh. Every woman has a “sexist” story; at least one, probably a lot more. Women are still making 75 cents to the dollar that the average man makes. That's the same number feminists marched around protesting to in the 70's. No change. And why does every newscaster mention her former beauty queen days? Why do we call her a babe? Maybe the shocking aspect to Palin isn't that she's attractive, and a mother of five, with a special needs child and a pregnant seventeen year old daughter. Maybe it's shocking that she doesn't seem to care what I think about her life. She's brushes it off. She has every opportunity to scream and yell and get offended at the double standard, but instead, she handles it. She hasn't shaken her finger at the camera and given the whole, “shame on you, media,” speech for attacking her family or belittling her with references to her looks. I could be wrong, but it appears she just ignores it and sticks to the politics. So whatever you or I may think of her parenting, she could give a flying duck hunt.

And isn't that a sign of a good parent?