A baby is a blessing, but trying to plan a baby shower can sometimes feel like more of a curse. Tired of the same old baby shower themes and decorations? Now that it's October, why not throw a baby shower with a Halloween theme?

Start With Halloween-Themed Invitations

For a Halloween-themed baby shower, you'll definitely need Halloween baby shower invitations. Instead of choosing traditional pastels, use bolder Halloween colors like black and orange. Halloween baby shower themes to choose from include:

  • It's a Ghoul!
  • Li'l Pumpkin/ Li'l Monster
  • A Baby Is Brewing!
  • Someone's Ready to Be a Mummy!

Use Halloween Decorations

A Halloween Diaper Cake in shades of orange and black doubles as both a fun baby shower decoration and a thoughtful gift. Pumpkins — the universal symbol of Halloween — make versatile, festive, and inexpensive centerpieces.

Another option? Play up the spookier side of Halloween by decorating with spiders and cobwebs. After all, what's really scarier — a few ghosts and goblins or those first weeks of motherhood?

Scare Up Some Spooky Treats

Suggestions for Halloween baby shower food and snacks include:

  • Put bowls of gummy worms on the tables and call them "gummy sperm."
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds are a nutritious snack option, especially for the mom-to-be.
  • Serve red punch and call it "Bloody Show Punch" — if you aren't squeamish.
  • Choose from this list of spooky Halloween treats to give guests a good scare.
  • Pumpkin pairs perfectly with a Halloween theme, so whip up a loaf of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread or a Sweet Pumpkin Dip.

Play Games With a Halloween Twist

Many traditional baby shower games can be easily adapted to fit with a Halloween theme, and lots of popular Halloween activities lend themselves to shower games as well.

  • Instead of having each guest bring a baby picture, have them bring a childhood picture in a Halloween costume. Hang the pictures and try to match the guests to their photos.
  • Play pumpkin bowling by filling baby bottles with candy corn to use as pins, and using pumpkins as bowling balls.
  • Have guests share advice and words of wisdom with this cute, pumpkin-themed printable template.
  • Decorate baby pumpkins! Divide guests into teams and supply them with carving tools, markers, and baby accessories like pink and blue ribbons and pacifiers.

Have you ever thrown a Halloween-themed baby shower? How did you give your shower a Halloween twist?