Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can add up to some big money drained from your budget. But it doesn't have to. Even if you don't want to go pot-luck and ask your guests to bring a dish, you can save your cash by following these simple rules.

Plan Ahead

Don't wait until the week before to plan your meal. Check out the flyers now to see what's on sale. Decide what side dishes and desserts you will serve based on those sales and coupons. Then get to shopping.

Keep the Recipes Simple

The recipes that you do decide to use should be simple with the least ingredients possible. Go for recipes that use staple ingredients you already have to save on money and time.

Buy Ingredients in Bulk

If many of your recipes use the same ingredients you can save money by buying in bulk. Onions, carrots, potatoes are great examples.

Buy Less Expensive Vegetables

Don't go crazy trying to make fancy side dishes, stick to the basics and serve mashed potatoes, carrots, and brussel sprouts.

Enlist the Kids to Make Decorations

Don't waste your money on store bought decorations or Thanksgiving themed napkins. Instead, send the kids outside to find some natural décor and give them some crayons and construction paper and let them have fun making place cards, banners, and more.

Don't spend hundreds on your Thanksgiving meal. It won't make your meal taste better or easier to cook. Find easy recipes and stick to what you know. After all, it's not the money that makes the meal, it's the company.