It’s tax time! Either you’re excited about the rebate, or writing out a check to the government. Either way, it’s a great time of year to focus on saving money.

Now, every month is a good month for saving money, and April has some great opportunities. Here are ways to really cash in this month.

1. Nonperishables

Stock up on nonperishable foods such as pasta and can items. Typical grocery sales rotate every three months, which means when you see that noodle sale come up, you should plan to stock up for the next 12 weeks so that you always have the basic food items you need.

2. Turn Down the Heat

It’s finally spring. So while there might still be a chill in the air at night, see if you can get by without turning that heat on. You’ll save a good amount of money, especially depending on the type of heating you have.

3. Energy

Now that the sun is setting later in the day, you can keep those lights off well beyond dinner time. The less you use your lights, the more money you’ll save on your electric bill.

4. Head to a National Park

It’s that time of year when you’re thinking about getting outside more often. National Park Week is the perfect opportunity to do that when entrance to the parks will be free from April 16-24.

5. Tag/Garage/Yard Sales

Whatever you call it in your neck of the woods, people everywhere will be spring cleaning and selling their used items at next-to-nothing prices. You can hold your own sale to make some cash, or just use Craigslist or a local sale to find items you need for extremely low prices.

How will you save money this month?