Want to host a memorable baby shower for a friend or relative expecting twins? Consider these ideas to coordinate an event that's double the fun!

Plan Ahead

Since twins often arrive prematurely, typically at around 35 weeks, plan the baby shower at least six to eight weeks before the due date.


Consider how much space you will need for guests and gifts. If you decide on a banquet hall or restaurant, make reservations and ask if you can decorate. If mom-to-be has limited mobility, keep the party close to home or in her home. Just be sure that she doesn't have to do anything except show up for her special event. And don't forget a comfy chair for her to sit in.

Shower Themes

Twin baby showers scream for specialized themes! Jessie Mallicoat hosted a baby shower for her sister who was expecting a boy and a girl. Mallicoat chose the little lady and little man theme with bows and mustaches to complement her sister's nursery colors. Other popular twin themes, include Dr. Seuss's Thing One and Thing Two, Noah's Ark, Two Peas in a Pod, or this Twice as Nice woodland theme.

Gift Theme

If mom-to-be is being treated to multiple baby showers, consider a gift theme like a diaper or freezer meal shower. "The Frozen Meal Shower is a twin dad's best friend. This was the biggest lifesaver for us when our twins arrived," writes Joe Rawlinson, author of the blog and book Dad's Guide to Twins. Before planning a frozen meal shower, ask the parents-to-be if they have enough storage space for the meals. Otherwise, arrange a meal delivery schedule among friends for after the babies arrive.

Practical Decor

Mallicoat integrated party decor that her sister could use later for her babies' needs. For example, she made twin cloth diaper cakes adorned with real hair bows. "Even though her friends threw her a diaper shower, I knew she'd need a lot of diapers," she says.

She also decorated with themed onesies and made tissue poms in coordinating nursery colors that she hung above the table. "They were painstaking to make, but hopefully she can use them in the future as nursery decor."


Satisfied guests are happy guests. For a brunch, consider serving breakfast casseroles, fruit, sweet rolls, salads, juice, mimosas, and coffee. Try wraps, finger sandwiches, and scones for an afternoon fete. Twin cakes, like one chocolate and one white, specially made for the occasion are twice as nice.


Talk to the expectant mom about what games would work best for her particular group of guests. Trivia questions about the parents, word scrambles and "my water broke!" are entertaining options.

Thoughtful Touches

Pass around a photo guest book. Take a picture of the expectant mom with the gift and the guest who gave it. Ask each guest to write a note or piece of advice to the new mom. Insert the photo along with the advice for a memory book marking the occasion. Or, ask guests to write uplifting or funny messages on diapers for those midnight changes.

Party Favors

Mallicoat treated guests to custom made sugar cookies decorated with bows and mustaches. Other ideas include candy bars with personalized wrappers, swirled lollipops or paper cones filled with treats. These tiny favors are sweet, too.

Most of all, remember that much like moms of singletons, the greatest gift a mom of twins can receive is your continued thoughts, friendship, and support during those first few weeks after the babies arrive home.