The holidays are approaching and many of us are considering ways to earn some extra money to pay for gifts, trips and parties. With some businesses hiring seasonal employees it is certainly tempting to apply and try to squeeze in a few extra hours of work to take some heat off our already-strained budget.

If you're going to try and add a new job to your lifestyle and current parenting demands, here are some things you should consider:

1. Pro/Con List

Before you make any decision that could impact the family unit, make out a pro/con list. Is the extra income worth missing family events, the loss of sleep and pushing back your house to-do list? Weigh out the pluses and minuses to decide if you should pursue this opportunity.

2. Discuss It With Your Family

Before you unilaterally decide to apply for the job, have a conversation with your wife and kids about why you want to do it, what you think you'll gain and how it will affect the family. This is a big decision and it needs to be made by the group. If you feel strongly enough that the extra money would outweigh any impact on family life, be prepared to present your case and prove it.

3. Plan Ahead

If you're already working 40 hours a week, make out a solid schedule once you know the part-time commitment to ensure that your new endeavor won't infringe too heavily on your family life. Will your daughter still be able to get picked up from volleyball practice? Will your son be able to get a ride to Boy Scouts? Will there still be time to complete your chores and do work around the house? All these questions should be answered ahead of time.

4. Don't Touch

If you're going to make the effort to make extra money for the holidays, make sure you live up to your commitment and don't touch the money. Once you get the money, transfer it to a savings account where it won't be so easily accessible. Decide early how you to plan to allocate the money — that way you'll have a specific plan that you can stick to.

5. Rest Up

If you know that you'll be working three nights during the upcoming week, take it easy over the weekend and consider skipping that night out with the guys. Sure, they'll miss you but you've got to be good to your body and mind. Plus, you'll also be saving a few precious dollars that you can add to your holiday savings account.

6. Spend Free Time Wisely

If you'll be missing out on some quality time with your family, resolve to make up for it when you are home by turning off the television and phone and playing some games with your kids or getting outside to exercise or take walks with them. The extra effort will go a long way and will show your wife and kids how committed you are to them.