If you’re a dad, I’d wager that your golf clubs are gathering dust, and the hook on your fishing rod is rusty. How do I know? Because with kids in the house and a full-time job, it is a significant challenge to maintain our sense of self.

Why is this important? Easy. When dads — or anyone for that matter — fail to find the joy and release from an exciting, fun activity, it makes life less enjoyable. It also probably makes you a less happy person overall. Who wants to live a life like that?

Here are a few ways to make sure that you’re able to enjoy the hobbies that you did pre-kids and still be an involved parent.

1. Talk to Your Partner

You don’t need to ask permission, but it doesn’t hurt to have a conversation with your spouse and explain how you’re feeling. If you feel the need to lose a few pounds and hit the gym or have some alone time by biking, golfing, or fishing, be honest and upfront with them. They'll likely understand and possibly confide that they're feeling the same way.

2. Carve Out Time

Look at your schedule and determine the best time for you to reinvigorate your tennis career or swimming passion. Can you carve out an hour before work? How about on your lunch break? If you have the option of getting active while not infringing on family time, all the better.

3. Get the Family Involved

Is your hobby something that the entire family can do? If so, that’s a win-win. Think of how you can share your hobby with your partner and kids to impart your passion to them.

4. Pay the Time Back

If you know you’ll be spending two hours playing tennis on a Saturday morning, try to adjust your work schedule to make up those two hours elsewhere during the week.

5. Save Some Money

Our hobbies can be expensive. New golf shoes and clubs plus greens fees add up. So do art supplies. Or a new mountain bike. Before you go out and drop thousands on resurrecting a hobby, make sure of two things. One, that you have the money to afford it, and two, that you’re committed to sticking with it.

How do you make time for hobbies? Share with us in the comments!