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Every parent wants their children to be happy, however, making sure they're happy is a delicate balance that requires that parents say yes to some of their children's wishes. Weekends are probably the best time to have the most fun with your kids since you get a much needed break from work and school. It's important to come up with activities that will be fun for everyone, but don't cost too much money. Here are some low cost ways to keep your children smiling on the weekends.

Play Board Games

Board games are designed to simulate the minds of children because of the tasks they have to complete in order to win. You can have a wide array of games to choose from. Fortunately, board games are portable, so they can be carried outdoors and on the road.

Go Swimming

If the weather is hot, consider taking the kids for a swim so they can splash around in the water and cool off. Swimming can be done at a local pool or at the beach if you live near one. Most children enjoy swimming and will quickly pack up their costumes and other toys when you tell them your plans. However, it's important to go swimming only if there is a lifeguard on duty, so you can receive assistance in case of an emergency.

Tackle an Art Project

If your children are creative, then the ideal activity for the weekend can be an art project. Try and find a project that will involve the whole family, and is not too complicated for the younger ones. You can also allow the children to choose the project, and then make plans to buy the supplies for the weekend. Some projects children enjoy are finger painting, making jewelery, creating collages, and designing t-shirts.

Enjoy Pizza

On weekends, when you can't go outdoors because of unfavorable weather conditions such as rain or snow, finding an indoor activity can be a bit challenging. Even so, you can decide to spend the weekend in your pajamas and ordering pizza using paypal. Your children will definitely enjoy their favorite pizza, especially if they don't eat it often. Allow the kids to choose their own pizza toppings, and have it delivered to your home.

In general, keeping children happy is not a hard task if you involve them in planning the activities for the weekend. When they participate in the planning, it gives them something to look forward to as the days draw near. Furthermore, the activities do not need to cost much, as most children appreciate the effort parents put in making them happy.

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