Throughout the all-too-brief holiday season, we exist in a bubble of bliss (and stress) and then – poof – it disappears as quickly as it commenced. There’s got to be a way to bottle that sensation and that happiness and allow it to infect our lives throughout the year. Especially when we find ourselves in the middle of a dark winter day. 

Here are a few ways to do that.

Be Generous

One of the things we often do around the holidays is donate to charities and volunteer. Those activities make us feel good, bring meaning to our lives and, most importantly, help those in need. By doing good deeds throughout the year, we can make sure those are more than once-a-year activities.

Connect With Friends and Extended Family

At the holidays, it’s expected that we’ll share time with our family members and friends. But during the rest of the year, we sometimes allow our busy lives to intrude on our time with loved ones. Resolve to get together with your extended family and friends throughout the rest of the year, too.

Embrace Your Spirituality

Christmas is a time when most of us find our way back to church for a little spiritual healing. Churches, mosques, and temples are open other times during the year, too! If we commit to staying in that spiritual moment, it can bring great peace and harmony to our days. And spirituality does not necessarily mean that you have to go to church. It can simply mean being kind and thoughtful towards others and creating good vibes all around you.

Be Happy

I feel like I smile more around the holidays. Maybe it’s the cheerful, comfortable music. Maybe it’s the joy on my kids’ faces. Maybe it’s being around those I love. If we want to smile more throughout the rest of the calendar year, we have to make a choice to find the happiness in our lives and create experiences and moments that can elicit that feeling. It isn’t hard. It just takes a little effort and discipline.