Christmas morning goes by in a flash. Within minutes, all you're left with is piles of wrapping paper, and bows stuck to your slippers. Make the moment last longer with these tips.

1. Start on Christmas Eve

Spend Christmas Eve baking cookies to deliver to friends, family, neighbors, firefighters, and the police in your town. It’s a fun family activity and a great way to spread some joy. Give the children a gift of either new pajamas, a new family movie, or a new book and enjoy the night reading together or watching a movie. Don’t forget to leave some cookies out for Santa.

2. Get the Kids to Bed

Don’t let the kids stay up too late on Christmas Eve. They will likely take longer falling asleep because of all the excitement, and you don’t want cranky kids in the morning! Get them to bed early so you can get your work done.

3. Be Prepared

Make sure all the gifts are wrapped, labeled, and stacked under the tree. Fill the stockings and have everything ready to go, including what breakfast you have planned. You don’t want to be late for church! And don’t forget to eat those cookies you left for Santa. It’s the one night a year you absolutely have to eat cookies at midnight!

4. Get up Early

Wake up before the kids. Seriously. Get up, get your coffee, and find yourself a good spot with a good line of sight to where the kids will be running into the room. Have all of your cameras ready to go so you can get a good shot or video (or both) of the kids. Getting up and ready before the kids will allow you to be fully awake, letting you take in all the special moments so that you remember them better. Plus if you have time to get yourself ready, you won't be annoyed at all the pictures of you half asleep.

5. Open One Gift at a Time

This one might be torture for the kids, but it will make opening presents last super long. One present at a time means more enjoyment and excitement.

6. Take Great Photos

Most of us take photos with our phones now and the pictures aren’t always that great. Take some practice photos beforehand so that you know exactly which spot is the best place to take photos from. Turn off the artificial lights and open the curtains to let the natural light in. Set your camera to take multiple shots quickly so that you can get that perfect shot of the priceless expression on your child’s face. And don’t forget to switch the mode to portrait or indoor or “fast movement” if your children simply don’t stop for even a moment. These pictures will soon be all you have left to remember that morning.

It’s Christmas! Enjoy it for as long as you can.