I have two small children at home. As much as I would love to parade them around town, showing them off in all their cuteness (and gathering as many peanut butter cups as I can), they're just too young to handle trick-or-treating. Besides all of the walking and the scary costumes we may meet, we live in the freezing cold Northeast where it has been known to snow on October 31. But I don't want to totally skip out on the opportunity to dress up the kids in Halloween costumes. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to have a happy Halloween with even the littlest of children.

1. Visit Grandma

Most grandparents absolutely love the chance to see their grandchildren, especially when they show up dressed like Pooh and Tigger. Put on the costumes and take them to trick-or-treat at the grandparents' houses. If their grandparents live far, the home of a relative or a close friend is a great substitute.

2. Have a Party at Home

Invite some of your toddler's friends from your playgroup for a short, early party at home. You can do age-appropriate crafts, play games, and read Halloween stories. It's a great way to be social and participate in the Halloween fun without having to trek out into the trick-or-treat chaos.

3. Hand Out Candy

Let your little one be your candy assistant. As long as there aren't any costumed characters that are especially scary knocking at your door, she will enjoy seeing all of the big kids and will love being your little helper.

4. Go to a Community Event

Many communities have local parties for young children at Halloween. Your city's zoo and library are two places that may be planning some costumed fun. Local children's museums and libraries often hold Halloween parades. Children come dressed in costume and get to march along with their friends, while parents compete for the best spot to take photos.

5. Read Halloween Books

If your little one loves books but isn't that into costumes or large crowds, consider staying in and reading all about Halloween. There are tons of children's books focused on the holiday, and a nice trip to the library should be enough to supply you with a great night of reading.

6. Watch Halloween Movies

You can also stay in and watch a couple of kid-friendly Halloween movies. From Winnie the Pooh to Charlie Brown, there's a fun Halloween flick for everyone. Share a small bowl of candy to make the night extra special.

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