New Year's Eve is hailed as one of the biggest party nights of the year, but when you have children, this often isn't the case. And as fun as celebrating with your kids can be, it's also nice to occasionally enjoy an adults-only celebration. How can parents enjoy a kid-free New Year's Eve? Here are a few ideas.

Thow a party. (And hire a babysitter.)

Instead of leaving the kids at home with a babysitter while you spend the night on the town, why not host a party at your home? Invite some friends, and hire a babysitter to watch the kids in another room while the adults celebrate together.

Hire a sitter you really trust and be sure to have lots of movies, kid-friendly snacks, and sleeping bags on hand. It will (almost) feel like an adults-only party.

Turn back the clocks.

Since many young children can't stay awake until midnight, a lot of parents employ the "turn back the clock" trick. Change the clocks around 8 or 9 p.m., and then count down to midnight with your kids. After that, they can go to bed and you can continue celebrating in a more adults-only fashion. Cocktails anyone?

Get a hotel room. Times two.

Hotels often host fancy New Year's Eve parties with room packages available. And if you can't leave the kids at home, you always have the option of bringing them along. Get a separate room, bring a caregiver (babysitter, grandmother, teenage niece, etc.), and head downstairs to the party while the kids are in good hands upstairs.

This option works particularly well if you want to stay out late but have a breastfeeding or non-separating infant or toddler you need to keep close by.

Ask Grandma.

Babysitters can be hard to come by on New Year's Eve, because they are often in high demand. If you can't find one or prefer not to pay one, don't forget about Grandma. If you're lucky, she'll agree to make it a slumber party

Find a special New Year's Eve event just for kids.

Places such as childcare centers, gyms, and other kid-oriented businesses often host special New Year's Eve events for children. Most of these include fun, New Year-themed games and activities and last until well past midnight — meaning you can enjoy your party and still be back in time to pick up the kids.

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve?