How often do your children ask to watch TV or play a video game? Way too often? This summer you can change all that by bringing your childhood (and your parents’ childhood) to life for your kiddos. It will be a summer to remember, even if you don’t leave home.

Relax the Rules

It’s summer time! Don’t you remember how much fun you had as a child during the summer? Admit it, you were like Olaf only dreamed he could be. There’s a reason kids love summer and it’s because it is relaxed. Bedtime isn’t as important. Meal time isn’t as important. There’s a guy driving around town handing out ice cream! Summer is the perfect time to ditch some of your rules.

Get Outside

Summer is for playing outside. If you’ve got cleaning and laundry to do, get that done early and with the kids’ help. You can get it done quickly if everyone pitches in. Then you’ll feel accomplished and be way more relaxed – relaxed enough to sit back in a chair and watch the kids play in your yard or at the park.

Be Spontaneous

No one says you can’t drop everything and head out for ice cream in the middle of an average Monday. And there’s no one stopping you from taking a day trip to a fun local spot on a whim. Your kids will love it!

Camp Out

You don’t have to go anywhere as long as you have a yard. Your kids will love camping out with you, even if it only lasts a few minutes. You can grill up some dinner, make some s’mores, and tell stories. What’s not to love?

Potato Sack Race

The thought of jumping around in a potato sack brings back memories of Field Day as a child. Set your children and their friends up for a classic good time. You could even sub some extra-large pillow cases in place of the sacks.

Three-Legged Race

This is bound to make your kids giggle. And what’s better than that?

Lemonade Stand

It’s fun and it promotes hard work. With just a little bit of help from you, your kids can learn the process of making lemonade, pricing their product, and learning how to market it.

Put on a Play

Get out the dress-up clothes and let your children write their own play to perform for you at the end of the day.

Go to the Drive-In

The drive-in is so much fun for a child. Not only does it have the thrill of seeing a movie, but you get to be outside and eating snacks while you do it. And there’s the benefit of putting them straight into their beds after they fall asleep in the car.

Catch Fireflies

With just a mason jar, watch your children have fun chasing bugs and catching them. It doesn’t have to be fireflies. Your kids will probably love catching any bugs.

A Day of Play

This idea is from Free-Range Kids and we love it. Talk to some parents of your child’s friends and each day one parent sits at the park at watches the kids as they do nothing but play. This is perfect for children who don’t live in a neighborhood.

Flashlight Tag

Nice for older kids who need to get out of the house. Hide-n-seek for pre-teens and teens!

Free Time Every Day

The best way to have an old-fashioned summer is to make sure your children have hours of free time each day. Let them do swim lessons and camps, but make sure that for at least part of the day, they get to just be kids without a schedule and without being in a hurry.

Along with all this fun, don't forget the chores. Chores teach your children how to take care of themselves and their possessions. It was a big part of your parents' childhood, and yours. So why shouldn't it be a part of theirs? Here are 43 chores young children can totally handle.