No matter how you feel about technology, or your level of confidence with various devices, there is one thing we all know for sure: it is essential for our children to become tech-savvy.

Our lives today are ruled by technology. Can you image how dependent we all will be 10 years from now?! If we want our children to succeed in the real world someday, we must start equipping them with the essentials now. Sadly, many teachers have failed to embrace technology the way most parents would like. They might recognize the importance of technology, but can’t make those dreams a reality.

Fortunately, school districts can help encourage reluctant teachers to incorporate technology into the classroom. However, those school districts might sometimes need a little push from parents! Here's what you can do.

Seek Out Financial Assistance

We all know how expensive it is to get one student squared away with the essential tech tools. Now think of how much it would cost to equip an entire school district!

Encourage the powers that be to propose levies to support technology in your student’s school. Then, do everything you can to help get the word out to the public. Help educate fellow tax payers on the importance of the levy and the resulting educational opportunities. Then, make sure you vote!

Other than soliciting tax payers, there are other ways to help your school raise funds. Do some research on applicable loans and grants. Your school board might not have the time or enthusiasm to seek out such opportunities, but they will probably have a hard time saying no to the application process once you have made the effort to unearth the lucrative possibilities.

Look for Educational Opportunities

Some teachers are recent college graduates who are brimming with tech enthusiasm. Others are a lot less eager to give it a whirl.

If a lack of funds is the number one reason teachers don’t embrace technology, limited knowledge and the accompanying embarrassment is reason number two. Encourage your school district to provide training opportunities for teachers, both large and small group sessions. See what the local PTA can do to help. Might they sponsor a session or two? Would local tech experts be willing to help out? Will younger teachers mentor older ones?

Start with Something Simple

One of the best ways to encourage hesitant teachers is to ease them into the world of technology gradually. Start with some simpler tech tasks. Ask teachers to communicate via email, text message, or Facebook. Maybe the teacher could start a blog to share classroom activities with parents. Often times, by gaining confidence with these routine technologies, teachers will be more willing to branch out in other areas.

Provide Input and Suggestions

Teachers have a lot on their plate. Researching apps and devices is probably pretty low on their to-do list. So lend a helping hand.

When you come across a great educational app, share the information with your child’s teacher. Make suggestions when you come across something that could be beneficial in the classroom. 

Every parent wants their child to receive the best educational opportunities available. If you think your child’s teacher could be doing more with technology, see if you can help with the transition from tech-simple to tech-savvy.